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Your heart beats 100,000 times a day.


How are you going to make the most of yours today?

Now supporting you virtually through FaceTime, Zoom or a phone consultation

Michele Blanchet Registered Dietitian Vancouver North Vancouver
Meet Michele

I’m a dietitian who believes in supporting you fully, by hearing your story, speaking from the heart, and helping  you reach the next step in

your journey. Let's work together to achieve your nutritional goals!

Nutrition Counselling


As a valuable member of your health care team, I am available to see you for nutrition counselling, as well as support you in other capacities including group education, grocery store tours, olive oil tasting and other community learning opportunities in Vancouver and North Vancouver.

Mediterranean Diet Registered Dietitian

It’s not always easy to decipher nutrition information and cook healthy meals. Here you can find the latest nutrition information and tips, along with creative, simple and delicious RECIPES  and  FOOD IDEAS. Looking for inspiration? Let's make it easy to make your favourite foods at home tonight. 

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