About Michele

Michele Blanchet Registered Dietitian Vancouver North Vancouver
Specializing in
Cardiovascular Health


Optimizing Heart Health


 Prevention and Management of Chronic Health Conditions

Elevated Cholesterol and Triglycerides

Heart Failure

High Blood Pressure 

Diabetes and

High Blood Sugar

Weight Reduction

Weight Management

Healthy Immune System


Emotional and Problematic Eating


The Mediterranean Diet

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Group Education 

My Story

I am a Registered Dietitian, practicing in the field of nutrition for over 20 years. With a BSc in Dietetics, I have specialized in Cardiovascular Health and other Chronic Health Conditions; working with a multidisciplinary team at VGH Centre for Cardiovascular Health, The North Shore Heart Centre and Outpatient Counselling, supporting clients to make lifestyle changes.

As we slow down, social distance and wait out the storm of COVID-19 together, eating a healthy diet, managing our chronic health conditions,  building a strong immune system and avoiding excess weight gain are extremely important.

Currently I am supporting clients virtually through Zoom, FaceTime and doing consultations over the phone.

Through comprehensive counselling sessions, I can help you develop a personalized wellness plan, designed to help you reach and maintain realistic goals. I often refer to myself as a nutrition cheerleader; a good motivator and eager to get my clients focused in the right direction.


Teaching and incorporating Cognitive Behavior Therapy into my daily practice (based on the "Craving Change Program") is a powerful tool I use to support my clients to change their way of thinking and develop a healthy relationship with food.

I am also passionate about supporting you holistically. In my daily practice I recognize the emotional impact of Heart Disease and other chronic health conditions, and easily address and connect clients with the right resources.

As a valuable member of your health care team, I am available to see you for nutrition counselling, and at a later date support you in other capacities including group education, grocery store tours and other community learning activities. 

Please browse my site a little to learn more about me and my services. Have a read of helpful Nutrition Information and try some of my new Heart Health Recipes. Through this time I look forward to connecting and supporting you.

Wishing you the very best,


Registered Dietitian

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