Food Cravings?

Here are some options to choose a healthier choice and still satisfy your cravings.

Craving these? Reach for these instead!

Potato chips and salty snacks Raw veggies and hummus, homemade popcorn,

baked chickpeas, tortilla chips and salsa, peanuts +

sunflower seeds in the shell, handful of mixed nuts,

edamame sprinkled with salt, kale chips or other

vegetable chips, pumpkin seed butter on celery or

sliced apple, Corn Thins and peanut butter (or other

toppings), hard boiled egg with a sprinkle of pepper/salt

or other spice, canned sardines / oysters or herring,

2% MF cottage cheese with assorted chopped -

chives / green onions, radishes, bell peppers,

Persian cucumber, tomatoes or sprinkle of pistachios

or dried nori

Soft drinks or diet pop, Limit sugar and caffeine in drinks - Sparkling water

fruit juice, ice-tea, lemonade + splash juice or bitters, fruit infused or lemon water,

and alcohol iced-decaf coffee, unsweetened coconut water (can

still be high in sugar), unsweetened kombucha,

homemade almond milk

Coffee and black tea De-caf coffee/tea (latte), chicory coffee, matcha tea,

herbal teas (peppermint + ginger tea), infused

rooibos tea (chocolate my favorite), golden


Sweets and candy Cut-up fruit (nature's candy) +/- yogurt dip, juicy

watermelon, easy to peel clementine, unsweetened

applesauce or fruit cup, healthy smoothie, baked

apples/pears, chocolate dip banana bites (freeze),

frozen blueberries or grapes, a piece of chocolate,

fresh or dried fig / date with goat cheese, plain instant

oatmeal and a few dried cranberries, raisins, chocolate

chips or a drizzle of honey / maple syrup, chocolatey

Greek yogurt (add a teaspoon of cocoa powder and top

with few chocolate chips, sprinkle of coconut or sweet

berries), a flavoured Roobois tea (chocolate is my

favorite) and add some milk or soy milk for creaminess,

homemade hot chocolate (cocoa powder and Stevia or a

small amount of sweetener) - make it a Mexican

chocolate and add a sprinkle of cinnamon and chili


Cookies, cakes, desserts Apple quinoa breakfast bars, Mini lemon chia yogurt

muffins, Mini cranberry oatmeal muffins, Chia pudding

and check out 19 Desserts You Won’t believe Are

Actually Health (healthier)

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