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Stay Hydrated the Smart Way

Yay! It’s finally feeling like summer, with all this hot weather in Vancouver.

With rising temperatures and outdoor activities, don’t forget to cover-up and drink more than your usual amount of fluid to keep your blood pressure normal, control your body temperature and lower your risk of dehydration and heat stroke.

What should I choose?

Not all fluids are created equal. With so many options out there, many people rely on drinks packed with sugar, caffeine and unnecessary calories. Check the label, 5 grams of sugar = 1 teaspoon. Consumption of fruit juice (pure or ones with added sugar) and other sugary drinks such as pop, sports drinks, Red Bull, pre-made smoothies and sweetened iced-teas, lemonade can lead to weight gain, poor management of diabetes and elevated triglycerides. Besides all those unnecessary ingredients, sugar and caffeine dry out your mouth and can even make you feel thirstier.

Yes, water is your best choice. But what if you don’t like tap water?

You are in luck! There are plenty of other options to keep you well hydrated:

  • Infuse tap water with berries, mint, cucumber or lemon slices, or just add a splash of juice

  • Choose flavoured carbonated waters with no sugar added or purchase you own carbonated water maker such as SodaSteam

  • Steep and chill flavoured herbal teas

  • Make your own lemonade - squeeze fresh lemons, add mint or basil, a few blueberries and a little sweetener such as “Whole Earth”

  • Add an extra glass or two of milk, soy milk or other unsweetened milk alternatives

  • Sip on no sugar added coconut water

  • Brew and chill a decaf coffee, add a little sugar or sweetener and lots of ice

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