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Cooking Inspiration

Are you stuck in the “nine meal rut”? Same old recipes on rerun, week after week? No motivation to cook? Craving tasty food and ordering out instead? It’s tIme to get motivated and put those old recipes on standby. This week of the Wellness Challenge I encourage you to try a new recipe!

Tips to choose new recipes:

  • The simpler the better. Choose recipes that don’t contain a long list of ingredients and focus on ingredients most likely in your pantry, Stocking up on Heart Healthy Foods. But also try to experiment with new ingredients, one at a time.

  • Look for recipes that include fresh whole foods - loaded with vegetables/ fruits of all different types/colours and include whole grains like barley, quinoa, oats, farrow etc. Whole Grain Shopping List

  • Choose recipes with plant based proteins more often - legumes (dried beans, chickpeas and lentils, canned “no salt added'' are fine, cube up some tofu). As well choose healthy recipes that include fish/ seafood, lean meats and lower fat dairy products (limit the cheese).

  • Make sure there isn’t a lot of extra sugar, salt and added fats and choose recipes that use other ways to flavour food, especially fresh and dried herbs and spices.

  • Recipes that use healthy cooking methods such as baking, roasting, sautéeing, grilling, steaming, boiling, stewing, poaching or microwaving are a good idea. LImit or avoid recipes that use deep-frying or too much oil with stove-top frying. Try to cook on lower temperatures to prevent oxidation of fats.

Expand your repertoire of recipes:

Lately I’ve been using chickpeas, cod, prawns, raspberries (even though they are out of season), cherry tomatoes and snap peas in different ways. Using this strategy allows me to become more familiar with these easy to use ingredients and prevents me from wasting food.

  • Millions of recipes at your fingertips. Pull out your cookbooks, do an internet search, choose recipes from different ethnic cultures:

  • Try a new healthy method of cooking you may not already be familiar with or confident in using: poaching, sauteing, steaming and more.

  • Pulling out or purchasing a new piece of kitchen equipment can be another source of inspiration to try some new recipes. 8 Life Changing Ways to Use a Spiralizer - change veggies into noodles, while eating more vegetables, less processed foods and staying satisfied. Here’s your chance to try that instant pot from Christmas, pull out the crockpot or even turn on the oven. Still experimenting with my Instant Pot - a one pot wonder that cooks food fast on the “Pressure Cook” setting and easy to clean (the insert goes right into my dishwasher). Instant Pot - Meal Time Made Easy

Bon appetit everyone!

Happy taste buds and adventures in cooking.

💜 Michele

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