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Nutrition - Internet Resources and Recipes

Here are some of my favourite sites on the internet for dietary information and heart healthy recipes. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Look for recipes that include heart healthy food ingredients that can easily be incorporated into your menu (fish, legumes, whole grains, vegetables etc.). Tackle one or two new additions at a time, then put it into action. Add the ingredients you require to your grocery list. Don’t wait to try something new… after all New Recipes are the Spice of Life.

2019 - Canada’s Food Guide

Canada’s Food Guide PDF

Canada’s Food Guide - Healthy Eating Habits

Cooking from Scratch

Tasty heart healthy recipes don’t have to be complicated. Check out some of these links for some cooking inspiration.

My Website - Dietitian’s collection of Heart Healthy Recipes

Heart and Stroke - Healthy Eating

Heart and Stroke - Recipes & Meal Plans

Dietitians of Canada -

Eat Well on $4/ Day Good and Cheap - Leanne Brown

Mayo Clinic - Low Sodium Recipes - 12 Great Ways Collection

Epicurious - Recipes

EatingWell - Heart Healthy Diet Centre

BC Dairy Foundation - Recipes

Eating Bird Food - Recipes

Pinch of Yum - Recipes

Vegetarian / Vegan

You do not have to eat 100% plant based for heart health but adding in a few more plant-based meals every week will optimize your diet.

Canadian Lentils - Recipes

Pulse Canada - Cooking with Pulses: Beans, Peas, Lentils & Chickpeas - Booklet

Nutriciously - Vegan Blog and Recipes

Oh My Veggies - 68 Ways to use Tofu

The 17 Best Protein Sources for Vegans and Vegetarians

35 Easy Cold Lunch Ideas

The Spruce Eats - Recipes

Sandra Vungi - Vegan Sandra

Angela Liddon - Oh She Glows


HealthLink “811” and website connects you to a Registered Dietitian to offer telephone, email and web-based food and nutrition services to support the information, education and counselling needs of BC residents and health professionals.

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